Alexey Andreetz


Alexey Andreetz, CEO Everest Welding Ltd, has started his career in 1985.
From high school welding in Riga, through his military service as an electric welder and leading welder in largest companies.
Upon his arrival to Israel in 1999, Mr. Andreetz took part in leading projects - Ormat Industries Ltd., Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises Ltd., Makhteshim Chemicals, Dead Sea Bromine station, natural gas pipeline Bazan, Intel Israel, Israeli Electric Company, Rotem power station and many other companies and many projects.
Mr. Andreetz has welding certifications, the appropriate to carry out a variety of projects in a variety of welding methods and in accordance most rigid international standards.

Mr. Andreetz has extensive knowledge and experience in the welding area and is considered the most respected weld area in Israel.